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Homeowners Insurance

With several different types of homeowners insurance, choosing the one that’s right for you can often be complicated and confusing — which is where we come in.


Vehicle Insurance

Auto Insurance Made Easy. When it comes to insuring your vehicle, we insure more than just automobiles: We also specialize in covering motorcycles, ATV’s, RV’s, boats and jet skis.


Life Insurance

Wondering whether or not you need life insurance? Here’s an easy way to tell:
Would someone suffer financially if you suddenly died? If the answer is yes, then chances are you need life insurance.


Home, Auto, & Life Insurance… And More!

We make it easy! Since we represent several companies, you’ll only need to give out your information once, and we’ll research multiple companies for you. That’s right…one call or click and we’ll shop many companies to find the right coverage at the best rate! We specialize in finding our clients the best value on home, auto, life, earthquake, boat and RV insurance.

An Independant Insurance Agency

Located in Frisco TX, the Roger Welch Agency LLC is a local, independent insurance agency serving the insurance needs of Frisco as well as the entire state of Texas. Come by or contact us today. We are located at 2770 W Main St, Ste 104, Frisco TX 75033, on the northwest corner of Main and Teel.

{I have been referring people to Roger and his team, for more than 15 years now. Being a mortgage lender, my clients look to me for experience, great service and financing options. I expect the same from anyone I refer them too and Roger's Team delivers. I can't count how many times I have been thanked for giving out Roger's number. Everyone on his team is very good at explaining a sometimes complicated process and making it seem simple.
Jeff Barnes
Ntrust Lending Allen, TX
{Being in the lending business, I have the opportunity to see many home insurance rates every week. I feel comfortable referring my borrowers to the Roger Welch Agency , because I know he can find them the best combination of coverage and price a vast majority of the time. For multiple quotes through several companies, my customers only need to call one person... Roger Welch.
Jeff Brooks
Highlands Residential Mortgage Allen, TX
{After thirty years, I transferred from another insurance carrier to the care of Roger Welch. Roger has taken great care of me and my family for more than 20 years now. He has done a wonderful job of keeping our policies refreshed to give us the best possible savings and coverage. Now my daughter is on her own and Roger is taking great care of her. This was a great move for my family and we appreciate all of Roger's hard work.
Allen Clark
Flower Mound, TX
{I have known Roger for several years now, and am also a client. He was able to save me hundreds of dollars per year off my home and auto insurance program. I have referred several of my clients to him over the years, and I feel comfortable continuing to do so. Having been a REALTOR for over 20 years, I want to make sure my clients have access to the best insurance rates, without giving up coverage. I like the fact that he is an independent agent, directly representing several insurance companies. This allows my clients to get quotes from 10-15 different companies, all by calling one LOCAL agent, not a call center.
Paul Bush
Allen, TX
{I used to have my home & auto insurance with the big "Good Neighbor" company for about 20 years, prior to changing to the Roger Welch Agency. Since he is an independent agent, he is not limited to only one carrier, but can truly be YOUR advocate by shopping around for the best price / coverage with the multiple companies he represents. He has been able to save me thousands of dollars on my home insurance and auto insurance premiums over the years. I have recommended his agency to several people and they have been happy with his services as well.
Frisco, TX
{I had previously carried my auto insurance with the same company for several years that advertises a lot on TV, and has a reptile for a spokesperson. I just assumed I had the best service and cost. However, Roger Welch was able to save me 25% in 15 minutes, or $590 a year off my "Lizard" auto insurance rate! Plus, I have a local, licensed agent I can visit with anytime.
Garland, TX

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