75033 Insurance

Types of 75033 Insurance Policies Available from Independent Agents

Anyone living in Frisco, Texas requires the appropriate 75033 insurance that is recommended by an independent agency. Failing to buy an insurance policy from a knowledgeable agent can lead to financial losses or having a vehicle impounded. Insurance requirements vary in each geographic region based on the information collected by insurance companies. In addition, there are frequently state laws that require vehicle owners to have a certain type and amount of coverage as protection for other drivers or property owners. There are three major types of insurance policies, including life, automobile and home, and some individuals require all of these in order to protect themselves and their families.

Life Insurance

A 75033 insurance policy that provides money for someone’s survivors after their death is highly recommended for many individuals. This type of policy can provide money for these individuals:

• Surviving spouse

• Adult children

• Minor children

• Relatives

• Other beneficiaries

When a policyholder buys a life insurance policy, they are able to choose who will be the beneficiary of the policy after their death. In some cases, more than one individual is a beneficiary. The money received from the policy is paid as a lump sum or is paid out over an extended amount of time. There are also investment insurance policies that are variable, universal and whole life.

Auto Insurance

The state of Texas requires that drivers have a 75033 insurance policy on their auto to provide financial coverage for other drivers or property owners if an accident occurs. A law official can impound a vehicle when a driver does not have coverage in order to protect other drivers. If someone has an accident while driving without vehicle insurance, then the injured individuals can sue the driver for payments for medical bills and loss of income. Some of the types of coverage that are included on vehicle insurance policies include:

 • Uninsured or underinsured

• Comprehensive

• Collision

• Loan or lease pay off

• Loss of use

• Loss of personal property

• Towing charges

• Full coverage

 Some types of insurance coverage for vehicles are mandated by state regulations while other varieties are a personal choice made by the policyholder.

Home Insurance

A home is an individual’s most valuable possession, and a homeowner must have a home coverage 75033 insurance policy. When a home is still being paid for each month with a mortgage payment, a bank or other loaner will require having insurance coverage as financial protection. A homeowner who has completely paid for a home should also have a policy to repair the serious damages incurred by the building or to replace the entire building. Home insurance policies are in place to protect homeowners when a catastrophic event such as a fire, flood or storm occurs that damages the property or destroys it completely. In addition to providing coverage for a home, a home insurance policy might reimburse for the damages to its contents such as electronics, appliances and furniture.   To make sure you are properly coverage, visit our website by clicking here.