When shopping for home insurance in Frisco TX, have you ever considered which purchase method will provide you with the most value?  With so many sources out there, how can you be sure you are getting the best coverage for the right price?

Most people are unaware that there are three basics sources from which to purchase insurance:

  1. Call centers
  2. Captive agents
  3. Independent agents

Call Centers

Call centers are staffed by employees instead of agents, and generally offer only one brand of insurance. The hourly employees are hired to answer call after call.  As a customer of a “cube farm” center, you will get a different person every time you call.

Captive Agents

Captive agents are agents that sell only one brand of insurance.  Agents with State Farm, Allstate and Farmers are captive.  If your rate goes up or your policy coverage is reduced, a captive agent cannot move your policy to a different company.  This type of agent offers only one brand of company, at only one rate.

Independent Agents

Independent agents are agents for multiple companies, and can offer several different types of policies through many different companies.  These agents are not beholden or limited to only a single brand or rate.  If your rate goes up, these agents can remarket your coverage needs with other carriers, allowing you to continue the relationship with the same agency.  Independent insurance agents generally have many years of experience to draw from, to help consumers make the best decision for their insurance needs.

Consumers today desire several company and rate options to choose from.  If this describes you, then the Roger Welch Agency can help.  We are your Frisco TX independent insurance agent.  Click here for free home insurance quotes today!

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