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Celebrating the Fourth of July in Frisco Texas

For many families in Frisco, Texas, the Fourth of July is time of family gatherings and celebration.  Watermelon, apple pie, hotdogs and hamburgers come to mind for many.  Maybe some ice cream later on.  And then after dark, the fireworks!

Many people head to the lake to spend time in a boat or a personal watercraft, especially in Texas.  If this describes you, be sure to drink plenty of water since dehydration is a major cause of illness in the hot sun.  If you plan to consume alcohol, be sure to let someone else drive the watercraft or boat.  Not only is it unsafe and places the lives of your passengers and other boaters in danger, but the police can issue the equivalent of a DWI for an intoxicated boat driver, often called a BUI. (Boating under the influence).  And, the effect can be just as significant on your auto insurance rates as a regular DWI received in a car.  Speaking of driving a car this holiday, be sure to follow the same advice mentioned above.  If you are heading to or from a party, make sure whoever is behind the wheel has not been drinking.

Each year in Texas, many people from the cities of Frisco and Little Elm enjoy a large fireworks display hosted by the City of Little Elm, right on the edge of Lake Lewisville.  So if you are able to make it out, be sure to come early to reserve your place.  Bring plenty of sunscreen, bug spray and of course extra water.

If you live outside the city limits, you may choose to purchase and light your own fireworks.  Several injuries happen each year from people holding their own fire crackers.  Be sure to use only kid friendly devices, and always supervise your little ones if they are taking part in this pastime.

At the Roger Welch Agency, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday.  For a free review of your home and auto insurance policies, feel free to contact our agency at 972-380-6677.  Or you may visit our website by clicking here.  Happy Fourth!