Frisco Car Insurance

How much car insurance do you need? Obviously, insurance needs vary with each driver. That’s why Frisco car insurance agents work with each client to determine the maximum benefits for the lowest premium.

Since independent Frisco car insurance agents represent many companies, they can select from many policies.  Which kind of policy do you need?

Types Common Features of State Mandated Car Insurance

Liability Insurance

Property Damage

If you cause an accident that damages other cars, you can be sued by each car owner for damages. Those damages can lead to financial ruin.  Fortunately, liability insurance transfers your liability to the insurance company. The insurance company becomes liable for the amount stated in your policy.

Personal Injury

Personal injury applies to injuries sustained by all drivers and passengers. Liability insurance pays for bodily injury up to the limit stated in the policy.

The insured is responsible for any damages or personal injuries that exceed the limits stated in the policy.

Cost of Liability Insurance

The cost of liability insurance depends on your location, driving history and the type of car you drive.  Frisco Car Insurance agents can suggest limits for various drivers.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance pays for repairs of your car when damaged in a covered accident. When the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car, the car is considered totaled. When totaled, you are paid the value of the car.

As a car ages, its value decreases to the point that collision insurance is not worth carrying. Owners of expensive cars can benefit by collision insurance for longer periods. Collision insurance is required when a lienholder has a claim to the property.

Comprehensive Insurance

This coverage is for weather damage, theft and other accidents not covered by liability or collision insurance.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Although states require all motorists to have insurance, some drivers are uninsured or underinsured. If you are involved in an accident with one of these drivers, you may not receive enough to cover your expenses. By adding uninsured motorists to your insurance policy, you can be fully covered at a small cost.


Frisco car insurance agents are knowledgeable and experienced. They’ll explain what you need to know about car insurance and will make sure to find you the most economical options for all car insurance needs.  For free quotes through multiple companies, please visit our website by clicking here.