Smart homeowners in Frisco, Texas invest in homeowners insurance in order to be covered for repairs and replacement in the event homes are damaged or destroyed by any specified occurrence as outlined in their homeowner’s insurance policy. Although most homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas include coverage for the dwelling itself, personal property, medical payments and loss of use, it’s important to know that most policies do not cover any losses suffered in the event of earthquake.

Finding Separate Coverage

Although the likelihood of experiencing an earthquake in the Frisco, Texas area may be rare, homeowners can still obtain a separate earthquake insurance policy. First, a homeowner should review the exclusions that exist in their current homeowner insurance coverage to see if their policy excludes any damage from earthquake. Then they should check with their insurance agent to find out how to add a separate earthquake insurance policy to their current homeowner insurance plan so that they will be covered in the unlikely event of an earthquake in the Frisco, Texas area.

Causes of Earthquakes

Many in the scientific community say that the incidence of earthquakes in Texas may be increasing as the practice of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing of the earth’s surface, becomes more common. Subtle shifts in the Balcones fault located in the central portion of the state make the possibility of earthquake activity more likely. It’s important for homeowners to know that seismic activity is constant to some degree throughout Texas and increases the likelihood that an earthquake, even of low magnitude, may occur at some point in the near future.

Who Needs Earthquake Insurance

Homeowners who own older buildings and outer structures, especially those constructed during a time when building codes were less stringent, would be wise to consider getting earthquake insurance to cover damage to their properties in Frisco, Texas. It’s a misconception that carrying earthquake insurance is necessarily expensive, because it is an investment in preventing economic hardship. Because the likelihood of an earthquake happening in the Frisco area is much less likely than a place like California, a policy to cover earthquake damage can usually be obtained in Texas for a minimal additional cost.

A Key Consideration

People who live in areas of Texas where mild quakes have already struck or where geologists predict current quakes could occur should investigate adding earthquake coverage to their current homeowner’s insurance policy for added peace of mind.

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