HOB Home Insurance

When you buy a home, it is important to have homeowner’s insurance. There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting a type of policy. The insurance forms are sorted by type and based on different coverage levels and options. Some are called HO-X, with X standing for the numbers 1 through 8. Each number is for a different type of coverage, such as a mobile home, house or condo. Others are called HOB. HOB home insurance includes the top tier of HO-3 coverage, but with additional protection for people who live in coastal areas that are at risk of tropical storm systems and related water damage.

What HOB Home Insurance Includes

HOB insurance is an open-peril policy. Open-peril refers to the cause of the loss. If you work with an independent insurance agent in Frisco, Texas, an open-peril policy is a wise choice. The open-peril HOB home insurance provides you with coverage against losses except for specific causes that will be listed on your policy. This type of insurance insures the home, the attached or detached garage and your property inside of the home or garage. It may also insure outdoor items, including patio furniture, a sculpture or a fountain that stays outdoors. The HOB policy coverage typically includes losses caused by fire, theft, smoke damage, lightning strike, riots, weight of snow or a vehicle crashing into the structure.

Exclusions for HOB Home Insurance

Each HOB insurance policy is slightly different, but most will have 10 to 20 specifically named exclusions. Your independent agent in Frisco, Texas, can explain more about the details of exclusions in your HOB policy. The most common HOB insurance exclusions include:

 •Neglect of the property

•Intentional loss


•Wear and tear

•Damage caused by pets of the owner

•Rodent, bird and insect damage


Working With an Independent Agent

Navigating through all of the different HO-X and HOB insurance forms could be difficult or confusing without anyone to guide you through the process. Working with an independent agent in Frisco, Texas, facilitates the process of selecting a homeowner’s policy that provides you with the coverage that you need. A Frisco, TX independent agent can explain the details of what is on all of the different forms. Your agent can also help you with technical terminology so that you can understand what the policy includes and excludes before you sign any contracts to get HOB insurance.  To find out more, click here.