When looking for home insurance in Frisco TX, homeowners have many different channels to choose from.

home insurance Frisco TX

Home Insurance

1.  Agents that represent only one company, and at only one rate.  These are called “captive” agents.   If you purchase you insurance through one of these agents, they are not able to move you to a new carrier when your rate increases.

2.  Call centers that offer only one company, and only over the phone.  These call centers use customer service representatives instead of fully licensed insurance agents.  Like a captive agent mentioned above, they generally are only able to offer one brand of insurance, at only one rate.

3.  Independent agents that offer multiple companies for home, auto and life. These agents can help you in several different ways: In person or over the phone.  Independent agents represent on average 6-8 companies, and sometimes many more.

Located in Frisco TX, the Roger Welch Agency LLC is a local, independent insurance agency serving the insurance needs of Frisco as well as the entire state of Texas.

We specialize in finding our clients the best value on home, auto, life, boat and RV insurance.  And, unlike many agents or call centers that give you only one company and one rate to choose from, we are able to provide you with multiple company and rate options.

We make it easy! Since we represent several companies, you’ll only need to give out your information once, and we’ll research multiple companies for you. That’s right!…one call or click and we’ll shop many companies to find the right coverage at the best rate!

Has your home or auto insurance renewed recently, only to go up by double digits again?  We can help!  Contact us today by visiting in person, or feel free to contact us by phone at 972-380-6677 or through our website by clicking here.  We are located at 2770 W Main St, Ste 104, Frisco TX 75033, on the northwest corner of Main and Teel.

Roger Welch Agency LLC: One agent, multiple companies!