Home Insurance Frisco TX

It’s open enrollment season and rate increases in health insurance are getting big coverage in the media. But that’s not the only insurance that’s seeing hefty rate increases. Home insurance Frisco TX have has also seen large increases the past few years, and additional increases are expected.

Higher rates are the result of increased cost of claims, due to damage from hail storms, wind storms, ice storms, tornadoes and fires.

Get Better Home Insurance Frisco TX Rates

The best way to make sure you get the best home insurance rates Texas you can is to talk to your agent. An independent agent can search prices from many companies to make certain you get the best deal. Besides searching prices, the agent will review your policy details to make sure you’re paying only for coverage you need and want, not extra features you don’t need.

You can also bundle your auto insurance and home insurance with the same carrier. Most companies will give a discount and you’ll end up with better home insurance rates Texas.

Increasing your deductible will get you lower home insurance rates Texas, but it also means you’ll absorb a bigger loss before you get any payment from the insurance company. You need to consider whether you can afford that risk.

Another way to reduce your home insurance rates is to make improvements to your property. Companies give discounts on insurance rates when home have certain features, like security systems or hail-resistant roofs. Of course, this means spending money upfront to make those improvements. You need to consider whether you can afford that as well.

While it can be tempting to switch your insurance company every year chasing a better rate, this can actually cost you. Companies may give discounts to long-time customers, especially if you haven’t filed any claims.

 A Nationwide Trend

It’s small comfort, but Texans aren’t the only ones affected by increased home insurance rates. Texas used to have the highest rates in the nation. Home insurance Frisco TX rates in Texas are now only the third highest in the country.  And home insurance in other areas besides Frisco TX is affected as well.

Working with an independent agent is the best way to maintain your coverage and your budget.  At the Roger Welch Agency, we can help you maximize your home insurance value.  Visit our website by clicking here.