Home Insurance Frisco TX

If you are not sure the extent of your damage, it is never a bad idea to have a trusted home insurance Frisco TX roofer come out and evaluate first, to see if there is enough damage to trigger coverage. To get an insurance adjuster to come out, you must first file a claim. But there is no upside to filing a claim if you do not think the damage exceeds your deductible. Yes, all claims are part of your claims history, even if nothing was paid out as a result.

If you need to make temporary repairs to protect from further damage, until a roofer or an adjuster can come out, simply save your receipts. If a claim is deemed appropriate to open, and if the damage exceeds your deductible, your insurance carrier will include your cost of temporary repairs in with the total claim.

A reputable roofer for home insurance Frisco TX will not require payment in full before starting the job. I actually had a client, a few years back; endorse the insurance company check over to an unscrupulous roofer before any repairs were made. He never saw the roofer again. Then, the client became upset when the insurance carrier would not issue a second check. Always use a local, reputable roofer who has been in the area for a while. Not sure how to find a trusted roofer? Ask your insurance professional!

As mentioned previously, consider waiting until after the hail season is over before putting on new shingles, if you roof is not leaking. I had some customers that were hit by the early March 2016 hail storm; they replaced their roof within 2 weeks, and then were hit again by the late March 2016 hail storm. They had to pay their deductible twice, which is several thousand dollars for most home insurance Frisco TX owners.

Lastly, do not get caught up in the implied “hurry up and file” atmosphere that can be contagious or spurred on by some less than trustworthy contractors. If your roof is not leaking, it is ok to wait a few days before filing a claim. For most carriers, you have at least 6 months to report a claim. We don’t recommend waiting 6 months, but if your roof is not leaking, it is OK to wait a few days, or a couple of months to file a claim. And always make temporary repairs to prevent further damage. This is a legal requirement of the policyholder, in the home insurance Frisco TX policy contracts.

And of course, if you are not happy with your current home insurance Frisco TX insurance carrier, contact a local agency that can offer multiple companies / rate options to find the solution that best fits your needs. This is what we do, and we would be glad to help!  Click here to find out more.