Animal Liability Coverage

Home insurance Frisco TX is a topic we discuss many times with our clients.  A home policy provides several broad categories of coverage.  Besides covering your home against fire, theft, hail and tornados, one of these coverage items is animal liability coverage.  This is meant to pay on your behalf, the homeowner, should a pet that you own and keep cause bodily harm to another person.

Be careful though, as some home policies exclude animal liability completely.  So be sure you know before a claim happens if animal liability is covered for your specific animal.

For the home insurance Frisco TX policies that do provide coverage for animal liability, there is a common list of aggressive breeds that are not allowed for the homeowner to possess.  This list includes, but is not limited to, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.  If you agree to take in a dog that is one of the prohibited breeds, you may be placing yourself at great financial risk.  Medical costs to treat a dog bite can be several hundred dollars.  If someone is seriously injured due to an animal bite, the costs could run into several hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And if your home policy does not cover this, you could be found liable to pay all the costs out of pocket.

Probably the best advice is to check with your Frisco home insurance agent prior to acquiring a dog.  Certain breeds of dogs are prohibited, and could make your policy ineligible for coverage any type of home insurance coverage.  At the Roger Welch Agency, we are more than happy to discuss what types of dogs are allowed by home insurance companies before you bring your new friend home.  A fifteen minute phone call to us, could end up saving you thousands in dollars out of your own pocket.  Call us today at 972-380-6677 or visit our website to learn more simply by clicking here.

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