Homeowners Insurance in Frisco Texas

It is an exciting day when you purchase your first home. Having a place you can truly call your own is thrilling, but with this joy comes a set of responsibilities as well. One of the most important responsibilities a homeowner has is to purchase homeowners insurance. There are many different types of insurance that Texas homeowners can choose from. In the majority of cases, an HO3 or HOB homeowners insurance is the best option for Texas homeowners.

The Basics of Homeowners Insurance

HOB and HO3 Homeowners policies have been the insurance industry standard for decades and this is for good reason. For most homeowners, the benefits of these two policies are hard to beat. One of the main reasons that these types of homeowners insurance policies are so popular is that they cover such a vast range of damages. Here is a look at the many types of damage that an HOB or HO3 homeowner’s insurance policy covers:


Lightning or fire

Smoke damage

Weather damage, including hail, high winds, rain, snow and ice

Vehicle damage

Falling objects

Rioting or civil unrest

Aircraft damage


Water damage


When you have HO3 homeowners insurance, it is a very comforting feeling when one of these types of damage happens. If you live in your home long enough, you can be sure something on this list will occur eventually. When this happens, you will file a claim and get a check that covers the repair costs as well as incidental expenses for your covered loss.

Some of these incidental expenses include:

The cost of staying in a hotel while the damage is repaired

Liability coverage, including the medical bills of people in your house when the accident occurred

Cost to replace valuables and personal property

Coverage for other structures on your property such as sheds

A Must for Homeowners

When you own a home, it would be extremely foolish to not purchase a homeowners insurance policy to cover you in the event of an accident. You never know when something unexpected will occur. These unexpected accidents can cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage. When you have a great policy like HO3 homeowners insurance, you are protected from the financial devastation an accident will cause people who do not have a homeowner’s insurance policy. Your local Frisco, Texas independent agent can show you many different types of home policy forms, including the HOB and HO3.  Feel free to visit our website by clicking here.