Homeowners Insurance Frisco Texas

As soon as you are in contract to buy a home, you will need to provide proof of homeowners insurance Frisco Texas. Insuring your home is essential to your financial health because it protects your investment in case of a natural disaster or an accident. There are many types of coverage provided by homeowners insurance Texas and you will need to keep the coverage types and amounts in mind when choosing a policy.


Structural coverage in policies for homeowners insurance Frisco Texas insure the value of the home, detached garage and other permanent structures such as a shed that is built upon a foundation. In the event of a problem such as a fire, tornado or hailstorm, the coverage would pay for or reimburse the homeowner for damage or destruction of the structure. Some policies also include coverage in case the structure is uninhabitable and you need to move into a hotel or an apartment until repairs can be completed.

Personal Property

Homeowners insurance Frisco Texas also provides coverage for your personal property. For example, if a lightning strike to your home caused all of your electronics and appliances to be damaged, the personal property coverage in your policy may pay a percentage or the full cost of replacing those belongings with the same or similar products. Personal property coverage may also apply to situations such as a power loss and having to throw out all of the food in your freezers and refrigerator. The personal property coverage may have limits per item, so if you have one-of-a-kind items such as an antique roll-top desk, you may need to purchase separate coverage for it.


Liability coverage is another important aspect of Texas homeowner’s insurance policies. The liability coverage protects you in case someone is hurt on your property or as a result of a problem with your property. For example, if a visitor slips and falls on your front porch, liability coverage may help to pay for that person’s medical bills and protect you from a lawsuit. If your gutter blows off in a storm and takes out your neighbor’s window, liability coverage may pay for repairs to the neighbor’s home.

Policy Riders

Policy riders provide additional homeowners insurance Texas for special situations. If your home is on a flood plain, you will need to purchase flood insurance. If you have a piece of valuable jewelry, a rider can insure it.  To find out more, visit our website by clicking here.