polialsoThe Difference Between an Independent Agent and A “Normal” Insurance Company in Frisco TX

One of the questions that people always have: Is it better to buy their insurance from an independent agent versus directly from a company? While these two options may appear to be similar, there are differences. Each option you choose has its own set of benefits. In this article, we will go through the pros of choosing an agent over buying directly from the company and vice versa.

Buying Insurance from an Independent Agent

Buying your insurance policy from an agent has several distinct advantages. The first one is that you get the opportunity to work directly with a licensed agent. In most cases, this professional is local to your city and could be someone you already know. Many insurance agents will operate in a town they live in, so most people already know them personally.

When you choose an independent agent, not only can they help you find the best option on coverage and cost from multiple companies, but they can also be your advocate in the event of a crisis or claim. Whether it is a flood, car crash, or fire, having a local agent’s office that you can call or visit in person helps cut through the red tape. The agent will fight to make sure you claim is covered properly. Your local independent agent can also assist you with all your policy needs. Similar to how some companies offer insurance bundles, an independent agent can do the same thing for you. 

Buying Your Insurance from a Provider

 One of the things that may attract you to buying insurance directly from a call center company, is you can do it at after normal business hours if you are in a hurry. Although the policy cost can be about the same as purchasing from an agent, it can be fast and easy.

However, when you are making such an important decision, (such as protecting your most valuable asset; your home) we would like to stress that the quickest way is not always the best way, as some people find out at “claim time.”

Pros & Cons

 The cons of working directly with the company are that you rely on a call center person who is paid an hourly wage, to answer your call. And you will get a different person every time. So, they are not always as helpful or eager most of the time to help you. Plus, you can run into issues when you want to file a claim. Often that means waiting on hold over the phone to find out how the process works. Some call center representatives are not licensed either, unlike a local agent. 


The difference between buying from a local independent agent versus directly from the company may be subtle. But depending on who you are, these can be major differences worth considering, to make sure you are properly covered before a need to file claim arises.