Shopping for Texas earthquake coverage is a lot easier when you have a Frisco Texas independent insurance agent on your side. When you shop with a single company for home, auto and earthquake coverage, you only get a single quote from that one company.  However, an independent agent can offer several different companies and rates.

Scouring the Market Helps You Save Money on Texas Earthquake Coverage

A Frisco Texas independent insurance agent will look at quotes and rates from a lot of different companies to find the best rate for your situation. The best part is that your agent will shop for you, which means that you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or online looking for the best value on earthquake insurance policies. As an independent agent has no loyalty to any particular company, you can be sure that you can trust the information that you are receiving.

Everyone Has Different Needs

A Texas independent insurance agent will get to know you and take your needs into consideration when shopping for a policy. For instance, if you need a car insurance policy, your agent will know to look at companies that don’t penalize drivers for their first accident or if they have previous infractions on their driving record. If you are looking for health coverage, your agent can look for a policy that won’t overcharge you because you have a pre-existing condition or because you engage in habits such as smoking.

Your Agent Will Be More Responsive to Your Needs

When you work with a local independent agent, you are working with someone who can respond more quickly to your needs. If you need to change your policy, all it takes is one phone call to get exactly what you need. If you need to make a claim, you may be able to take care of the claims process in a single day instead of having to wait days or weeks for an update.

A Texas independent insurance agent can help you get the best value price on earthquake coverage, or any type of insurance policy that you need. When you have a policy that is tailored to your needs, you can rest assured knowing that you are covered if anything from a physical, emotional and financial standpoint. Additionally, you know that your kids or other dependents may be covered to some extent if anything happens to you.  For a free quote on Texas earthquake coverage, contact our of office today by phone, or simply visit our website by clicking here.