Texas Homeowners Insurance Comparison

Importance of Texas Homeowners Insurance Comparison

Have you ever been curious why homeowners insurance rates can vary so? You can sit down and carefully perform your Texas homeowners insurance comparison, yet still get widely different quotes when you start policy shopping.

There are actually a number of factors that can affect a rate and those factors can change without notice. For the best rates, turn to an independent agent for homeowner insurance comparisons.

Looking at the Property

To get an accurate gauge of what your homeowner’s insurance rate may be, there are several factors:  The agent you contact will have to consider the property’s age, condition and location. The older the construction and the longer you’ve lived there lets insurers know you’re a responsible homeowner. They will look at past claims. If there aren’t any or not too many, you may qualify for a discounted rate.

You can perform your due diligence to improve the impression insurance companies will have when reviewing your home. Update plumbing, wiring and HVAC systems. Have your roof inspected at least every 15 years and get any necessarily work done.

Newer properties may already be eligible for lower rates because they are in better condition. Your Texas homeowners insurance comparison can include construction. Materials like concrete and brick can get better rates.  This is because brick, unlike wood, is not flammable and much less likely to be damaged by natural disaster.


There are location factors that will play a part in your Texas homeowners insurance comparison. Properties near a fire hydrant or fire department may be considered for lower rates. Make sure you ask about this as most insurers won’t ask or volunteer this information. Expect higher rates in natural disaster areas. The assumption is always going to be at some point you will need to repair or rebuild. The same applies to properties in high crime areas.

Homeowner Risks

If your history shows a noticeable number of claims – especially small claims – the frequency can impact rates. It’s best to manage small projects out of pocket instead of relying on insurance. You should also consider if the property has a trampoline, swimming pool or guest house. If you have a pet known for aggressiveness, like a pit bull, it could affect rates as well.

An independent agent is the best bet for your Texas homeowners insurance comparison. They will thoroughly review your property and position. They will then compare that to what the market has to offer your unique situation.  To contact our office, feel free to visit our website by clicking here.